Entree Collage

Chicken Gorgonzola:
 Pulled chicken with bacon, mushrooms & peas in a gorgonzola cream sauce over penne
                         Lunch 10 Dinner 16

Chicken Bowl: Roasted chicken pulled & served with caramelized onions, peppers, spinach & mushrooms in a Thai curry
                         coconut sauce over rice.

                         Lunch 10 Dinner 14

Half Roasted Chicken: Chicken marinated in garlic & lime juice, roasted & served with fried plantains & rice & beans
                         Lunch 10 Dinner 15

Wasabi Salmon:
Sweet & spicy wasabi horseradish honey butter crusted salmon baked & topped with soy mustard & teriyaki glaze, served with coconut
ginger basmati rice & vegetable of the day
                         Lunch 13 Dinner 18

Seared Ahi Tuna: Soy mustard glaze with Pineapple, mango salsa & wasabi aioli with coconut ginger basmati rice.
                         Lunch 16 Dinner 26

Panko Crusted Mahi- Mahi:
seared & baked with orange basil sauce and coconut ginger basmati rice.
                         Lunch 12 Dinner 19
Shrimp Pomodoro: Sauteed shrimp with fresh plum tomatoes, garlic, basil over angel hair pasta.
                         Lunch 12 Dinner 18

Braised Short Ribs: a red wine tomato demi glaze with smashed red potatoes.
                         Lunch 13 Dinner 20

Filet Mignon:
with bacon & Gorgonzola sauce & smashed red potatoes.
                         Lunch 18 Dinner 30

Hawaiian Rib Eye:
Marinated in soy, garlic, brown sugar, ginger & pineapple, grilled & served with wasabi smashed red potatoes.
                         Dinner 24

The Duck:
 Oven roast duck with maple, bourbon glaze and smoked sausage sweet potato hash.
                        Dinner 28 

Pork Chop Grilled double cut pork chop with mango, jalapeno chutney, served with sweet potato & smoked sausage hash & vegetable of the day
                        Dinner 20

Veggie Stir Fry: Assorted sautéed vegetables in garlic & oil over Quinoa.
                        Lunch 10 Dinner 14